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*****If you don’t wish to amplify trolls, don’t respond to their posts. Instead, try posting your own proactive message.*****



I heartily agree with this, both from the standpoint of declining to feed algorithms that further amplify trollish posts and also to deny the troll the emotional satisfaction of having successfully baited someone.

Here is my question: What about trollish comments?

Suppose a troll makes a trollish comment to a fine post. Does a reply to a trollish comment tickle the algorithm so as to amplify the trollish comment?

As a rule, I do not reply to a trollish comment because I do not want to give the troll the emotional satisfaction. Similar to the guidance here about putting up one's own post, I will sometimes present good information into a fresh comment to the fine original post. This boosts the algorithm of the fine post.

In declining to reply directly to a trollish comment, does one also avoid boosting the comment?

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I'd like your viewpoint on addressing a positive economic vision, such as "Democratic Capitalism" or a "Democratic Economy." Both lead to emphasizing the role of Democracy in ensuring that our economy works for everyone, through our federal and local policies, in stark contrast to the global economy with tis disastrous affect ....

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I find the selfrighteousness in this post disturbing. What if you think that RFK Jr makes some very good points about some topics? Are you still supposed to cancel him across the board? Why avoid and be afraid of honest discussion and debate? And what if you think that those approved of by the liberal establishment are often wrong and are the actual trolls? Are you supposed to just genuflect? Give me a break!

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Who the H*l* decides who is a troll? Why are my left-leaning friends so intent on censoring WITHOUT reading/seeing the actual words of the "trolls"? Watch a real interview with RFK Jr. and then tell me he's a conspiracy theorist or a wacko -- AFTER you've seen/heard his own words. (Hint: you'll only find it on Fox (before they decided he's a threat to Trump, too) and maybe some youtube channels)

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I disagree slightly. I've learned to restrain the urge to argue with trolls but I think there are two exceptions.

1. When I see an uncontested straight up lie. I think it's worth proving it wrong with a link. Of course, the troll won't change but I'm thinking of the lurkers. Is it really such a good idea to let an obvious lie stand unchallenged? We certainly don't like it when the media does it? And low-info lurkers really don't know the difference in many cases and may just assume it's true or at least truthy!

I should add that I nearly always end up blocking all trolls, especially the possible bots/paid trolls, with extreme prejudice -- while telling others to do the same as I block them. I often block people without commenting especially if they are tiny accounts.

2. When trolls come into my feed I will sometimes respond correct the lie and immediately block them and say what I'm doing so others can follow my lead.

Is this really such a terrible approach?

I get soooo tired of the whole "ignore them and they'll go away" approach. I've been hearing it for decades and, very damn obviously, it hasn't worked!

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I agree with this!

Excerpts and further thoughts at the link:


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I, too, especially like the information to not respond to trolls, it just amplifies them, and "Instead try posting your own proactive message". I tend to avoid and ignore trolls, but this is useful even with people who might not be trolls,. I am grateful to b more aware of some posting or tweeting outlandish things in order to boost a following. Seems a bit risky, in light of all that is going on with the threat of Trump running again, but I certainly don't want to 'amplify' any of that either. This is really helpful, thanks so much.

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“There are some… with large followings that make a sport out of fighting trolls… They are not looking to change anyone’s mind—they are looking to juice their own engagement and increase their following…”

“Leave the debunking to experts, professional journalists and others with the standing or audience to make a difference.”

This is the same set of people.

Try not to twist your arm patting yourself on the back.

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Yes, but I want to try some responses anyway that name or re-frame:

1. "You do not believe what you are saying."

2. "Do you care for anyone? Who?"

3. "Do you believe in a power greater than yourself?"

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