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Gil -

I suggest you immediately subscribe to Letter From an American, from Heather Cox Richardson. I bring up a lot of Lakoff's work .... I suggest the frame of a " 'Democratic Capitalism', which places 'liberty and justice for all' as a healthy driving force of our economy and capitalism." I recently posted Lakoff's 12 Dos and Dont's, which drew a LOT of interest.

But on THE most popular Substack newsletter, NO ONE knows of this concept on framing ....

I would love your assistance on this topic. By the way, HCR was featured on the full hour of NPR's On Point this morning

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I don’t know if this is the appropriate forum to discuss this, but I wanted to open discussion on a general topic, namely the idea that empathy is a weakness. Lakoff has rightly defined liberalism in terms of empathy and touts its virtues. I agree with him. Although empathy doesn’t mean sympathy or going easy on someone, it often inevitably does. In my experiences in any interpersonal interaction, if both parties don’t practice empathy, then the one who feels empathy is often the one who gets taken advantage of. They know you will be “soft” and exploit that. I think this is what Musk means by it being a weakness. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Musk is not the world's richest man, Putin is.

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There's another element the writer John Ganz noted in his essay about Peter Thiel, and it applies to Musk. It's the White African ideology of baasskapp.


He introduced the term and gave it a deeper treatment here: https://johnganz.substack.com/p/bossism-reconsidered?utm_source=%2Fsearch%2Fbaasskapp&utm_medium=reader2

Ganz: "Baaskap is a concept from the ideology of apartheid South Africa. It referred simply to white overlordship in the economy and politics. Some proponents of apartheid wanted “total separation” between races, some paid lip service to ideas of “separate development,” and others more realistically favored “baaskap,” essentially the unbridled economic exploitation of natives and other non-whites by whites."

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Good start. Looking forward to follow up.

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