I don't think I've ever disagreed with George Lakotf, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around this, because it sort of suggests that Biden should continue doing what so many Democrats have done in the past 7 years, which is to concede the issue of the economy to Trump and his brethren.

Couple that with the fact that presidential elections are first and foremost a referendum on the incumbent, and not taking the initiative and l controlling the narrative on your economic record spells doom to me.

There are too many people who vote R only because they think it's better for the economy, and there are too many Democrats who completely concede on that point without putting up a fight.

Find a better way to frame it, sure, but walk away from it and the other guy will frame it for you. I think what Biden is doing is a preemptive move. Now on the economy, Trump has to react/respond to Biden's claims, not the other way around.

Say what you will about Clinton's poor 2016 campaign, but her #1 sin in my book was refusing to say anything positive about the Obama economy. She could have crowed about 20 straight quarters of economic growth. Instead she talked incessantly about how we can "do better" for "the people who are left behind." She didn't realize that she represented the incumbent.

All Trump had to do was agree with her. What an easy job he had!

And then, before he had even placed his hand on the Bible to be sworn in, he started crowing nonstop about how amazing the economy was, and taking credit for it. It was a drumbeat so consistent that even the Dems started conceding the point.

Seems like a dumb strategy to continue.

Is like to see some suggested better framing for Biden to talk about the economy, but I think it had to be central to the incumbent message.

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Dec 24, 2023·edited Dec 24, 2023

From an economic perspective, the problem is that when the Democrats say "the economy is booming," what they really mean is GDP growth and the stock market are up and unemployment and inflation are down. And while all that is true, what Biden and the Democrats don't seem to understand is that increases in those metrics don't necessarily translate into improved welfare and wellbeing for the "average American."

In a society where the distribution of wealth has gotten so extreme, where social mobility is plummeting, where the jobs that are being created tend to be dehumanizing, dead-end, spiritually unfulfilling, bullshit jobs for meager wages with no job security, and where companies have basically stopped innovating and producing stuff people want and instead increasingly turn to price gouging and financial manipulation to turn a profit, the gains from that "booming economy" are really only accruing to the ultra-rich. In other words, it's not because the media and the GOP are pulling the wool over their eyes that the "average American" thinks things are bad and getting worse; it's because they can see with their own eyes that things really *are* bad and getting worse.

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Thanks Noodles and Cabbage. Our Iowa Gov (R) also has been taking credit for Biden's infrastructure initiative and for every other federal funding project during the past 3 years. Advocates can use state by state resources like the following, https://www.iowaatwork.com/ to educate people on the sources of money for a wide range of programs, like roads, rural economic development, housing and homeless, or even recently announced new Vet programs. Iowans won't go to this website and dive down into it; individuals and groups can do the work and use any kind of social media or letters to the editor. People who support fed funding have to take on the responsibility of showing when and where it happens; others Noodles and Cabbage will prove right.

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The history of Black American will tell you that freedom is useless without champions economic prosperity. For the “person” it really is about the money and government championing the constitutional contract of pursuit of happiness.

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I accept the existence of a real bloc of Americans, growing bloc, who distrust media, government and politicians. I have friends and family who tell me this (even knowing I am a retired elected and govt official). Framing will only work with the right trusted messenger and medium. Framing on the economy will only work if people understand what Govt has done for them--it is a mystery to many. Thousands of communities have been helped by Biden projects--they do not know the source of the funds.. No amount of framing will help if those smaller local groups (using local media outlets) do not educate to people on what Biden has done and has tried to do.

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