Anti-Semitism rears its ugly head on Substack

Cleaning up the comments section after hate attack

Anti-Semitism rears its ugly head on Substack

Dear Readers,

Over the last few days, the FrameLab newsletter has been targeted by vicious anti-Semitic comments from someone who writes under the name “Clarence Wilhelm Spangle,” aka “Pagan Nordic Soldier” on Substack.

Thank you to the readers who reported these comments to us. The commenter, who makes a habit of spreading hateful comments across the internet, has now been banned from making any comments on the FrameLab page. (We will not post any of their content here, but we posted a sample at in this post on Notes. View at your own discretion.)

However, their entire Substack newsletter is dripping with racial hate and anti-Semitism in clear violation of Substack content rules. We have reported the account, but it’s clear the account has been on Substack for quite some time. Hopefully, Substack will uphold its own policies and remove it now that we have reported it.

We will update you once we hear back from Substack. If you can stomach viewing this person’s content and wish to help get the account removed, you may report it at this link. (Click on “Report a Content Violation”)


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