Big news for FrameLab

Big news for FrameLab
A big move for FrameLab

Dear FrameLab readers,

We've been quiet the last couple of weeks for a very good reason: FrameLab has now moved off of Substack! Our newsletter is now hosted by Ghost, a non-profit that has increasingly become the chosen host of publications like ours.

In the next post, we'll explain more on why we chose to migrate off of the Substack platform. But earlier this year, we conducted a poll of FrameLab readers and found that a big majority of our readers supported this decision. So, we hired a developer to help us move, and have been quietly working on it for a few weeks.

Most of our readers access FrameLab through their email inboxes. So, most of you will hardly notice a difference. If you're one of the very few readers who only accesses FrameLab via the Substack app, then you can simply go to FrameLab's Substack page, which will direct you to FrameLab.

For paid subscribers: Your subscription still works the same, but Substack will no longer be charging a 10% fee. (Ghost charges a flat fee!)

A reminder that FrameLab can always be accessed at

Thank you for reading – more FrameLab analysis coming directly to your inbox soon. Please bear with us as we navigate any possible hiccups as we make this crucial and beneficial change.

-Gil Duran, co-founder of FrameLab

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