'Ethnically cleanse': Tech's authoritarian 'Gray' ideology emerges

Balaji Srinivasan's dystopian vision for San Francisco

'Ethnically cleanse': Tech's authoritarian 'Gray' ideology emerges
Gray Pride Parade takes San Francisco by storm

by Gil Duran | FrameLab

In my last letter, I talked about how key Silicon Valley figures like Elon Musk have made a rapid shift toward overt authoritarian politics. I also promised to send a piece I wrote on the subject for The New Republic.

Click this link to read it: “The Tech Baron Seeking to ‘Ethnically Cleanse’ San Francisco.”

Warning: It contains some pretty upsetting and dangerous ideas for an authoritarian/fascist future in which Democrats are punished via a color-coded apartheid system enforced by a police state. And it talks about something called a “Gray Pride Parade.”

Yes, it sounds like the plot of many a dystopian science fiction script. But I’ve been studying these ideas because I think it’s crucial to map this new tech ideology, which aligns with the Republican Party in many ways but diverges from it in several others. I believe we must understand it in order to have any hope of counteracting it.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

New Republic: The Tech Baron Seeking to ‘Ethnically Cleanse’ San Francisco

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