FrameLab Podcast: How to win in 2024

Why the "freedom frame" and "for the people" are keys to Democratic victory

FrameLab Podcast: How to win in 2024

Just in time for 2024, here’s a new episode of the FrameLab podcast!

We often get asked the question: What should Democratic leaders be saying in order to win?

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Fortunately, Dr. Lakoff has written extensively about exactly how Democrats and progressives need to frame their arguments. And if we had to boil it down to two short phrases, they would be “Democrats stand for freedom” and “Democrats are for the people.”

A new poll conducted by Change Research for validates this advice. It finds that “movable” voters need to hear how Democrats will protect — and expand — freedom and democracy. They need to understand that the Democratic agenda works “for the people,” unlike the Republican agenda, which serves the wealthy, the powerful and, increasingly, Vladimir Putin. And they need to focus on framing a positive vision for the future, not just on the negatives of you-know-who.

Click the image below to hear the full conversation with pollster Stephen Clermont. Dr. Lakoff weighs in with his analysis in the second half-hour. Or listen and SUBSCRIBE wherever you get your podcasts:

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