Happy Birthday, George Lakoff (and Bob Dylan!)

photo of George Lakoff
Happy Birthday to FrameLab co-founder Dr. George Lakoff

A quick note here to wish a happy birthday to George Lakoff. Among many other things, George is also the co-founder of the FrameLab newsletter.

Here's some trivia: Did you know George shares a birthday with another guy famous in the realm of words and language? Bob Dylan and George were both born on this day in 1941. (You can listen to Bob Dylan Birthday Broadcast all day today at WKCR in New York City.)

photo of bob dylan
Happy Birthday, Mr. Tambourine Man (shutterstock)

Got a birthday message for George? Leave it in the comments and I'll make sure to pass it along.

Tech authoritarians

On a separate note: Our work in framing the ideology of Silicon Valley's tech authoritarians is getting noticed.

This week, I joined Paris Marx for a discussion of tech's turn to the far-right on the "Tech Won't Save Us" podcast, a production of The Nation magazine. You can listen by clicking the link below and then pressing play. Or you can listen on Apple, Spotify, or YouTube.

Tech’s Plan to “Ethnically Cleanse” San Francisco
On this episode of Tech Won’t Save Us, Gil Duran on a plan for “tech Zionism” in Silicon Valley.

The conversation is based on my April story in the New Republic, headlined "The Tech Baron Seeking to Purge San Francisco of 'Blues.'" ("Blues" means "Democrats"!)

That's all for now – see you next week.

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